January 15, 2010

            Last night, I flashed back to my childhood…..

                        My Uncle hooked up the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).

                         I remembered playing games such as: Super Mario BROS. Duck Hunt, Duck Tails, Chip N Dale and the Rescue Rangers and the laundry list goes on and on. The Mario games and Chip N Dale and the Rescue Rangers were my favoirtes for the NES.

                        On my 8th birthday, my Aunts all bought me a nintendo and the first game I got for it, (aside from Super Mario BROS), was, Chip N Dale and the Rescue Rangers.

                                                So anyway….My Uncle finally got the NES hooked up and running proberly.  I watched my cousin play the following games: Lode Runner, Nightmare on Elm Street, Paper Boy, City Connection, and, Chip N Dale and the Rescue Rangers.

                        But the reminising ended, when my Cousin turned off the system; because the games would either blank out or freeze, while she was playing; or she would get so far in a game, get a game over, and, switch to a different game. She asked if I wanted to play. I told her, no; I didn’t feel like playing. I may change my mind, but at a later date….maybe….


Hello world!

January 15, 2010

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